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Owh, now it has been a week to live in this miserable place...what the hell...but, what can I feel so good, someone had give me the spirit, still standing on my own feet to face the tomorrow, tomorrow, and tomorrow, in order to bring myself to the higher part of life...umph, I hope 'she' will always standing at my back, although she actually don't know that I made her as an inspiration in my study period...Aha, but, should I tell her about the truth?This will make me feel dizzy...

Another things, roommates : TENGKU, ACAP, & HISYAM, thanks a lot for your consideration to give me a freedom, to open a HIGH-VOLUME MUSIC that can be heard by us all...I hope this will stand until to the last day in this semester guys...YOU ROCK!

:: is listening to HOME SWEET HOME by MOTLEY CRUE ::

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