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Alhamdulillah, Thanks to God, everything was going smoothly after I succeed to plan and organize my primary school reunion. It just a simple ceremony, we had a little feast and karaoke session. For your information, when we faced for the first time, everyone have no words to say. And what can I observed, everyone's face motion changed and sometimes we got blurred what we have to do there. Then, it was started with 'eating together' session in KFC, plus, the recall or ice-breaking process also was including in that part. All the members told their old 'story-telling' about the past memories in our lovely primary school. In this session, I could see that, the old behaviors, are still save, in their souls. What a nice remembrance!

After that, we waited for another members to gather with us. It is not a problem for the late, but the important,  we can see and talk with each other after 7-8 years we were broke. Ahah!The karaoke session!My favourite part. I still remember when I was in Standard 6, I was the runner-up of the Karaoke Competition in my school, had to sing together with the winner, in the Standard 6 Annual Dinner in a resort. As a tribute, my friends forced me to sing it back with the same song, "...Sandarkan Pada Kenangan by Jamal Abdillah and Siti Sarah..". What a shame!My voice are really not same as when I was 12. But, it was so nice. Then, we ended that with some photograpy session. It is a good day when we could see for another time, and we don't know when we could face for another time...

is listening to ANARCHY IN THE UK by MEGADETH

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