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 Map of Holy Land

The Holy Land (also known as Ereṣ HaQodhesh/Eretz HaKodesh in Hebrew and also Bilad Ash'Sham in Arabic) is a term which refers to the geographical region of the Levant of no definite borders which has significant religious importance for Judaism, Christianity, Islam and the Bahá'í Faith. Nowadays, it comprises roughly the territory of Israel, the Palestinian territories, Jordan and parts of Lebanon. Part of the significance of the land stems from the religious significance of Jerusalem, the holiest city to Judaism, the birthplace of Christianity, and the third-holiest to Islam. The perceived holiness of the land to Christianity was one of the motivational factors behind the efforts of the Crusades, which sought to win the Holy Land back from the Muslim Suljuq Turks who had invaded it and taken it from the Byzantine Empire. The land has been a destination for religious pilgrimages since biblical times, by Jews, Christians, and later, Muslims.

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