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Beginner and semi-professional kits

  • SwingstarTAMA's entry-level drum kit made with poplar shells in a wrapped finish. Swingstar drums feature TAMA's unique "Accu-Tone" bass drum hoops, which replaces the claw hooks found on most bass drums for quicker head changes. All Swingstar drums include a full hardware pack and cymbals.
  • ImperialstarTama's mid-range entry-level drum kit named after the previous Imperial Star line. Like their less expensive Swingstar counterparts, these drums are made with poplar shells in a wrap finish and feature Accu-Tone bass drum hoops. These drums include Meinl HCS brass cymbals as standard equipment.
  • Silverstar/Silverstar CustomNew for 2011, the Silverstar series replace Tama's Superstar Accel Driver line. Like their Superstar counterparts, these drums are made from 100% birch shells and are available in either lacquer or wrap finishes. Silverstar drums feature a more streamlined version of their Star-Cast tom mounts (now done in chrome to match the hardware), new "Powercraft II" heads with a white resonant head for the bass drum, low-mass lugs, triple-flanged hoops, and a slideable tom holder, which is usually found on the more expensive Starclassic line.
  • Superstar Hyper-DriveTama's high-end line of semi-professional drums. These drums are made from 100% Birch shells (originally made from birch and basswood) and feature die-cast hoops in a black nickel finish. As the name implies, these drums are available in TAMA's trademark "Hyper-Drive" configuration, which consists of shorter tom depths and a longer bass drum depth (20 inches, also known as their "Ultra-Deep" depth) for optimum sound quality. These drums come in either a Wrap or Lacquer finish.

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